Master of Science in Management - Healthcare Management Concentration

Effective July 3, 2018, this program is no longer available for future enrollments.

The Master of Science in Management with a concentration in Healthcare Management (MSM-HCM) is a 48-credit-hour program offered online and at our Colorado campuses.

This program emphasizes the application of general management skills and concepts to help students prepare to perform management functions in health care organizations. Building on a foundation in managerial theory, students will have the opportunity to apply theory and practice in leading health care management teams with coursework focusing on health care financial management, ethical decision-making, quality improvement, and human resource management.


This program does not lead to additional licensure or certification.  As such, CTU has made no determination regarding prerequisites for licensure or certification in any state or jurisdiction.

Mission Statement

The mission of the College of Business and Management is to offer professional market-driven business degrees that build business competencies transferrable to all industries. The College of Business and Management accomplishes this mission by offering curriculum that aligns to industry standards, remains relevant, and builds practical skills applicable to the competitive global business environment.


MSM Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Lead, communicate, and direct technical business initiatives and day-to-day operations
  2. Analyze, develop, and implement strategies for improving business processes and operations
  3. Integrate Research and Development, marketing, production, and finance strategies
  4. Apply project management practices to projects and initiatives

MSM-HCM Concentration Learning Outcomes

  1. Synthesize knowledge of health care systems and health care management to solve business problems
  2. Demonstrate effective communication and interpersonal skills necessary for management and leadership positions in health care
  3. Apply critical thinking, analysis and problem-solving to real-world situations in healthcare management and healthcare systems
  4. Demonstrate application of management and leadership principles to the business of health care
  5. Integrate professionalism and ethical decision-making with management and leadership in health care operations

Degree Requirements

Courses - Concentration

HCM612Managing the Healthcare Organization


HCM632Systems in Healthcare


HCM670Management of Human Resources in Healthcare


HCM672Quality Improvement in Healthcare


HCM680MSM-HCM Capstone


Total Credit Hours:20

Courses - Core

HCM640Applied Healthcare Managerial Finance


HCM641Leadership and Ethical Decision-Making in Healthcare


IT600IT Management


MGMT604Organizational Behavior


MGMT690Strategic Management in Dynamic Environments


MKTG630Applied Managerial Marketing


PM600Project Management Processes in Organizations


Total Credit Hours:28

Total Credit Hours: 48

Area of Study

  • Business & Management
  • Healthcare

Degree Level

  • Master