University Badges

Colorado Technical University (CTU) issues university badges to degree-seeking students who successfully complete a series of degree-required courses within a specified area of study. Badges are awarded in programs at the undergraduate and the graduate level.

These CTU-issued badges are digital and offer a new way to demonstrate a student’s competencies and skill sets to employers and others among their professional and personal network. Serving as symbols of academic progression and accomplishment, university badges are issued upon the successful completion of particular subject area courses in certain degree programs.

University badges are not certifications – the badges are distinctions that acknowledge that the student successfully completed courses mapped to competencies in a professional body of knowledge in a specific discipline. CTU badges may include foundational preparation for certification by outside agencies. Requirements for taking and passing these certification examinations are not controlled by CTU and are subject to change without notice. CTU cannot guarantee that graduates will be eligible to take/pass these external certification examinations. Certain degree courses required for receiving a badge may have prerequisites.