Physical Campus Students

The Institution is required, for all title IV HEA program eligible students be provided by the 7th day of classes a means to obtain or purchase required books and supplies necessary for the applicable term/payment period. This provision is available only to students who have submitted all required title IV financial aid paperwork at least 10 days before the beginning of classes and who are anticipated to have a credit balance, and is subject to certain other conditions. The amount advanced (or books provided) to eligible students for such purchases is the lesser of: the standard estimated book costs used in the school’s Cost of Attendance, or the student’s anticipated Title IV credit balance for the block/ module (excluding Stafford Loans for first year- first time borrowers). Determination of delivery of books or of the credit balance is determined by the school. Students may opt out of using the way the school has chosen to fulfill this requirement, simply not accepting the books or credit balance. However, keep in mind that opting out does not require the school to provide the student with an alternative delivery method. Books and supplies are billed to the student’s account each payment period. Books, kits, and uniforms are provided by the second day of class to registered students who have submitted all required FA paperwork.