CTU Commitment Grant

In collaboration with select, participating employers, CTU has established the Commitment Grant to assist eligible students with the opportunity to attend CTU. To be eligible for the Commitment Grant, a candidate must complete the Commitment Grant Acknowledgement form and must allow for verification of eligibility. Verification of eligibility may require the student to submit documentation of proof of employment with a participating employer.


In addition to the CTU General Grant and Scholarship Conditions, students must also meet the following criteria:

  • Students must be employed by an employer that has entered into  a University Commitment Grant Agreement with CTU at the time he/she completes the Commitment Grant Acknowledgment form.
  • Students selected for employment verification must provide documentation before the grant is disbursed. Documentation must show the effective date of employment and must be submitted after employment.
  • Additional conditions may apply based on specific Commitment Grant Acknowledgement forms and based on specific conditions agreed upon between CTU and any individual participating employer.
  • The grant can be combined with Post 9/11 GI Bill® and Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment benefits.
  • The grant can be combined with reduced military tuition rate.
  • The grant cannot be combined with any other Title IV aid programs and participating students are required to waive Title IV participation as a condition of receiving the grant by signing the Commitment Grant Acknowledgement and Disclosure Forms.
  • All of the above conditions must be fulfilled before the grant can be disbursed.