Master of Science in Management - Homeland Security Concentration

Effective July 3, 2018, this program is no longer available for future enrollments.

The Master of Science in Management with a concentration in Homeland Security (MSM-HLS) is a 48-credit-hour program offered online and at the Colorado campuses. The program includes 28 credit hours of core management courses and 20 credit hours of homeland security courses.

This program is designed to combine essential organizational research and analysis skills with a deep understanding of the variety of threats facing the United States, its communities, and its organizations. CTU is a member of the University and Agency Partnership Initiative with the Center for Homeland Defense and Security at the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School (NPS). The homeland security courses are based on the curriculum of the Masters of Homeland Security as developed by the NPS. The program is designed to provide students with a grounding in principles and ideas relating to careers in the business and governmental sectors. The concentration courses focus on government security and interagency relationships, as well as securing the nation’s critical infrastructure and people, and managing responses to disasters.


This program does not lead to additional licensure or certification.  As such, CTU has made no determination regarding prerequisites for licensure or certification in any state or jurisdiction.

Mission Statement

The mission of the College of Business and Management is to offer professional market-driven business degrees that build business competencies transferrable to all industries. The College of Business and Management accomplishes this mission by offering curriculum that aligns to industry standards, remains relevant, and builds practical skills applicable to the competitive global business environment.


MSM Program prepares the student to:

  • Evaluate the appropriate leadership and management actions needed across disciplines and in various global environments
  • Synthesize theory and practice in day-to-day managerial decision making and organizational change
  • Apply appropriate strategic, technical, operational, and ethical principles to solve organizational challenges and meet organizational goals and objectives

MSM Program Learning Outcomes

  • Lead, communicate, and direct technical business initiatives and day-to-day operations
  • Analyze, develop, and implement strategies for improving business processes and operations
  • Integrate Research and Development, marketing, production, and finance strategies
  • Apply project management practices to projects and initiatives

MSM-HLS Concentration Learning Outcomes

  • Lead and direct technical initiatives and operations
  • Develop strategies for improving organizational processes and operations
  • Work effectively as problem-solving team member
  • Conduct, use, and evaluate professional applied research
  • Analyze models of homeland security and effectively communicate them
  • Demonstrate an understanding of terrorism and the psychology of fear
  • Assess threats to the infrastructure
  • Evaluate technological solutions to problems of homeland security
  • Examine the relationship between homeland security-related organizations and government

Degree Requirements

Courses: Core

FINC615Applied Managerial Finance


INTD670Leadership and Ethical Decision-Making


IT600IT Management


MGMT604Organizational Behavior


MGMT690Strategic Management in Dynamic Environments


MKTG630Applied Managerial Marketing


PM600Project Management Processes in Organizations


Total Credit Hours:28

Courses: Concentration

HLS600Homeland Security Fundamentals


HLS610Dynamics of Terrorism


HLS640Vulnerability Analysis and Protection


HLS650Homeland Security and Government


HLS685Homeland Security Capstone


Total Credit Hours:20

Total Credit Hours: 48

Area of Study

  • Business & Management
  • Security Studies & Criminal Justice

Degree Level

  • Master