Master of Science in Healthcare Management - Informatics Concentration

The Master of Science in Healthcare Management with a concentration in Informatics is a 48-credit-hour program that is offered online. The program consists of 28 credit hours in the healthcare management core with 20 credit hours dedicated to the informatics concentration.

This degree program is designed to guide students in the study of informatics, information technology, and information systems as they integrate with and apply to the principles of health care management. This program examines innovative approaches to information technology and computer science that are needed by leaders in the health informatics field to improve the quality and delivery of health care services.


This program does not lead to additional licensure or certification.  As such, CTU has made no determination regarding prerequisites for licensure or certification in any state or jurisdiction.


MSHCM prepare student to:

  • Utilize healthcare management principles to effectively manage a healthcare organization
  • Influence change at a variety of levels for healthcare quality
  • Differentiate healthcare delivery within a variety of healthcare populations/environments

MSHCM Program Learning Outcomes

  • Apply health care management and leadership principles with ethical decision-making to influence delivery of quality care
  • Demonstrate effective communication and interpersonal skills necessary for management and leadership positions in health care
  • Apply analytic, critical, and problem-solving skills to real-world situations for effective health care operations
  • Integrate professionalism and ethical decision-making with management and leadership skills in health care operations
  • Develop strategies to deliver quality healthcare using knowledge related to healthcare finance, marketing and economic indicators

Informatics Concentration Learning Outcomes

  • Choose appropriate innovative technological solutions and data analysis to improve the quality of healthcare delivery
  • Use data management approaches to manage patient-centered electronic health data including abstracting data, compiling information and researching data
  • Describe features of the health information systems, healthcare delivery systems, and classification systems
  • Evaluate health records to ensure federal, state, privacy, ethical, security and confidentiality guidelines and regulations
  • Appraise a health IT system development life cycle from system analysis, strategy planning, system design, planning, creating, testing, and implementation
  • Explain data health standards, database designs, and principles of business continuity

Degree Requirements

Courses- Informatics

CS651Computer Systems Security Foundations


CS660Database Systems


HCM655Healthcare Informatics


HCM690Healthcare Informatics Capstone


IT621Enterprise Data Management


Total Credit Hours:20


HCM612Managing the Healthcare Organization


HCM632Systems in Healthcare


HCM671Healthcare Statistics


HCM674Health Policy in the United States


HCM676Healthcare Finance


HCM677Information Systems for Healthcare


HCM678Healthcare Law and Ethics


Total Credit Hours:28

Total Credit Hours: 48


  • Virtual Campus

Area of Study

  • Business & Management
  • Healthcare

Degree Level

  • Master