New York Placement Rates

Special New York Attorney General Employment Rate

7/1/2017-6/30/2018 graduates placed through 11/1/2018

Updated:  December 2018


Colorado Technical University






Associate of Science in Business Administration



Bachelor of Science in Business Administration



Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice



 Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management

Bachelor's   N/A(1)

Bachelor Of Science in Information Technology



Master of Business Administration



  Master of Science in Management



(1)The students in this cohort have declined seeking employment in their field.

Rate Calculation

Number of employed graduates/completers as defined below, divided by the number of eligible graduates/completers (total graduates minus the excluded graduates/completers noted below).

The Special New York Attorney General Employment Rate calculation excludes graduates/completers in the following categories: (1) pregnant or has a medical condition or disability that results in the completer's inability to work or the completer has a parent, child or spouse who has a medical condition that requires the care of the graduate; (2) engaged in full-time active military duty; (3) enrolled in an additional program of post-secondary education; (4) deceased; (5) not eligible for placement in the United States because of visa restrictions; (6) graduate of a stand-alone English as a Second Language program; (7) spouse or dependent of military personnel who have moved due to military transfer orders; or (8) not seeking employment or not seeking new employment but remaining in a position held before graduation and not seeking to obtain promotion or move up over time. 

In calculating the Special New York Attorney General Employment Rate, Colorado Technical University counts graduates/completers as "employed" if they obtained either a full-time position or a part-time position of at least 20 hours per week, and have completed a minimum of 18 days worked, and:

  • their position was included on the list of job titles Colorado Technical University publishes for which the program prepares them; 
  • their position requires the use of skills learned in the program as a predominant component of the job; or
  • they continued their employment in the same position they held prior to most recently enrolling in the program, if they attest in writing that they training they received enabled them to maintain or advance in their position.