Fast Track Exams

CTU allows for potential proficiency credit for selected courses. Fast Track exams are offered to allow students the opportunity to demonstrate mastery in specific subject areas.  Fast Track exams are scheduled before the corresponding courses are scheduled by the Prior Learning Assessment Department or Student Success Coach, upon request of the student.

The following provisions apply:

  • Students in applicant or active school status who are meeting satisfactory academic progress are eligible to attempt Fast Track Exams.
  • Students are required to satisfy all pre-requisites prior to scheduling Fast Track exam for some subjects.
  • Fast Track exams are available for a testing period of seven days.  Once the exam begins, students have a five hour window to complete it.  Students will only be permitted one attempt per exam.
  • To earn proficiency (PR) credit, students must demonstrate mastery of the subject by earning a 70% or greater on the exam.
  • CTU recommends no more than two Fast Track exams be scheduled in one testing period.
  • Students are ineligible to attempt a Fast Track exam for course(s) with an earned letter grade or withdraw status.
  • Fast track exams must be attempted prior to last quarter of study.
  • Proficiency credit through Fast Track exams is applicable to CTU and is not guaranteed to be transferred to another institution.