Prior Learning Assessment

Colorado Technical University students may earn transfer credit through completion of advanced standing options that satisfy Colorado Technical University’s established criteria for credential awarding. Students in an associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degree program may be evaluated and advised on their eligibility to use advanced standing methods within their first quarter of coursework. Advanced standing credit must be evaluated by the University through official documentation and meet the established Prior Learning Assessment criteria and guidelines for transfer credit. Advanced standing options must be completed no later than one session prior to the start date of the course(s) for which the student wishes to earn credit. Once a student is in their last session of their degree program, no advanced standing credit will be awarded. In addition to college credit earned at accredited postsecondary institutions, the following is eligible for evaluation toward academic credit through Colorado Technical University:

  1. Course Challenge Examinations
  2. Experiential Learning demonstrating subject matter mastery through documented work experience
  3. Military Credit for training or Military Occupational Specialty
  4. Professional Training/Certification credit
  5. Standardized Assessment score results (AP, CLEP, DSST)

Once a student is accepted for admission to the University, he/she may consult with a Prior Learning Assessment Specialist to learn more about advanced standing requirements and to seek degree planning assistance. However, it should be noted that official transcripts and formal documents are required before evaluation of transfer credit can occur, and the source of credit must meet the established transfer credit criteria.