Doctoral Advantage

Doctoral Advantage

Students enrolled in a master’s program through Colorado Technical University will have the option to enter the Doctoral Advantage Program, which will allow them to substitute two doctoral courses for two graduate courses.

Students wanting to enroll in the Doctoral Advantage program may begin the application process once they have completed the first three courses in their master’s program.

To qualify, students must have a CGPA of 3.30 or better prior to entering their final quarter or they will be subject to a program change.

Student progress will be monitored by Prior Learning Assessment Specialist/Program Chair to ensure that the student meets the requirements to continue with the Doctoral Advantage program.

Students enrolled in the Doctoral Advantage program are not eligible for the Multiple Concentrations option.

Students in doctoral programs will be required to attend four residential symposium lasting two and a half days. First Term doctoral students will have an additional required CTU student orientation the day prior to the residential symposium for returning students.

Students interested in the Doctoral Advantage program should contact Prior Learning Assessment Evaluator, Academic Advisor  or Program Chair to determine program eligibility.