University Integrity Statement

Colorado Technical University (CTU) is committed to acting with integrity in everything we do.  We understand that fostering a foundation of integrity requires every community member to act ethically. We recognize that fostering such an environment involves respecting stakeholders' varied positions towards alignment of the University mission. 

We demonstrate integrity with:

  • Accountability - By striving to do the right thing always and working to hold others to the same standard.
  • Courage - Encouraging individuals within the CTU Community to speak up, take action, and foster safe spaces to express ideas.
  • Fairness - Ensuring similar situations yield similar results, understanding that being fair means an intentional effort toward treating everyone with respect, dignity, and inclusivity.
  • Honesty - By using truthful communication and actions, we build trust when we are consistent in what we say and do.
  • Respect - Treating everyone with courtesy and consideration for not only each other but also each other's ideas.