Learning Outcomes

Doctoral Program Learning Outcomes

1. Develop the appropriate process of scholarly inquiry to examine industry phenomena.
2. Assess the evolution of knowledge within a chosen field and its influence on industry.
3. Employ effective practical applications of scholarly constructs in the context of evaluating industry-specific needs.
4. Contribute to the body of knowledge through ethical research, scholarly writing and dissemination of research or evidence-based practice.

Master's Program Learning Outcomes

1. Demonstrate industry relevant technical fluency.

2. Communicate complex content professionally to a variety of diverse stakeholders.

3. Analyze concepts and industry-relevant knowledge, using critical thinking skills to generate effective decisions and solutions.

4. Apply ethical decision making to strategic solutions in industry.

Undergraduate Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of their undergraduate degree at Colorado Technical University, graduates will have acquired a range of critical thinking skills allowing them to:

1. Employ skills, habits, and practices that support professional development.
2. Communicate effectively by developing and articulating ideas in variety of formats for various audiences.
3. Demonstrate analytical reasoning by using quantitative or qualitative information to identify, evaluate and address problems in real world contexts.
4. Demonstrate information literacy by gathering and critically evaluating information from various data sources to form conclusions, make decisions, or solve problems.
5. Demonstrate effective interactions with those who differ in beliefs, behaviors, values or views by exploring diverse perspectives.
6. Demonstrate ethical decision-making as a student and a professional.