CTU Corporate Educational Alliances Grant

CTU has established a grant* in the name of its Corporate Educational Alliances in order to assist eligible students and their immediate family members** with the opportunity to attend CTU. To be eligible for the Corporate Educational Alliances Grant, a candidate must complete the Educational Alliances Attestation form and must also allow for verification of eligibility. Verification of eligibility may require the student to submit documentation of proof of employment with the corporation.

In addition to the CTU General Grant and Scholarship Conditions, students must also meet the following criteria:

  • Qualifying students must be an employee of the corporate educational alliance member or an employee’s immediate family member**.
  • Students selected for employment verification must provide documentation before the grant is disbursed. Documentation must show the effective date of employment and must be submitted after employment.
  • Additional conditions may apply based on specific Corporate Educational Alliance agreement.
  • All of the above conditions must be fulfilled before the grant can be disbursed.
  • The grant can be combined with Post 9/11 GI Bill® and Vocational Readiness and Employment benefits.
  • The grant can be combined with the CTU Connection Grant.
  • The grant may be combined with the reduced military tuition rate in certain instances.

*Please note that grant percentages may vary (ranging from 5% - 60% of the tuition costs) by Corporate Educational Alliance.  Please contact the Financial Aid Office to determine the grant percentage for which you may qualify.

**Immediate family members: Spouse (domestic/life partner) or dependent natural child, adopted child, and/or step child only. Siblings, cousins, etc. are not considered an immediate family member.