Degree Completion Grant

The purpose of the Degree Completion Grant is to provide former CTU students (physical and virtual campus) the opportunity to return and complete their previously attempted degree. Eligible candidates whose prior academic records indicate that the student has:


  • At least one required course to complete or eligible credit towards a related lower level degree; AND
  • Is within 14 quarter credit hours for Associate programs, 27 quarter credit hours for Bachelor programs, and/or 8 quarter credit hours for Master programs of completing a degree may apply for the Degree Completion Grant. 



Verification of credit eligibility is required from CTU's Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Department, who will review prior academic credit. CTU's Degree Completion Grant offers a grant of $1,000 to qualified students.  If a student's previous program of study is no longer offered, the grant may still be applied to a new program of study.


In addition to the CTU General Grant and Scholarship Conditions, candidates must also meet the following criteria:

  • Candidates must be a former CTU Undergraduate or Master's degree student returning to the University and must complete the University Grant & Scholarship attestation (Physical campus students only).
  • Prior credit must be approved through verification of acceptable prior academic credit (credit at CTU).
  • CTU's Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Department will review academic credit in advance of the course begin date to confirm eligibility.
  • The grant is disbursed to eligible students who have posted attendance after the add/drop period of the third session of study, or final session if fewer than three sessions remain in an eligible student's program.
  • Students must remain continuously enrolled once re-admitted to receive the grant.
  • Students are not eligible for multiple Degree Completions Grants.
  • This grant may be combined with the following grants:  Corporate Educational Alliances Grant, Higher Education Alliances Grant, Liberty Grant, and Yellow Ribbon Grant.
  • This grant may be combined with Post 9/11 GI Bill® and Vocational Readiness and Employment benefits.