Re-taking a Failed Course

A student who receives a failing grade (W/F/NP) in a required course must repeat the course and receive a passing grade or receive transfer credit for the course in order to graduate. Students are allowed to re-take any course a maximum numbers of times before being withdrawn from their program. At CTU the maximum number for courses receiving a W/F/NP grade is 4 repeats for a total of 5 attempts at the undergraduate level, and 3 repeats for a total of 4 attempts at the graduate level. A course for which an “F” is awarded is included in the term GPA and CGPA. When the student repeats the course with a passing grade or receives transfer credit, the CGPA will be adjusted accordingly using the highest grade. The failure will remain on the transcript. Students should note that Healthcare programs may have more rigorous academic requirements. Students should contact their Academic Advisor or Program Chair for specific program requirements regarding retakes and failed courses. The total number of attempts for a student receiving a grade of W/F/NP is five at the undergraduate level and four at the graduate level.