Originality Policy

We at Colorado Technical University (CTU) value integrity, honesty, and originality. In order to uphold these values in the classroom, CTU utilizes the TurnitIn® Originality Verification Tool. This tool assists faculty, students, & staff by ensuring that all student work adheres to the University’s Academic Integrity policy.

Students are encouraged to utilize this tool prior to their official submission to ensure that the work they are producing is in fact their own. While the TurnitIn® Originality Verification Tool does not detect plagiarism, it does assist in the investigation and verification of overall integrity of the material provided by the student.

The University places emphasis on the following originality guidelines:

  1. Students are expected to produce work that displays proper use of the most up-to-date version of APA. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of in-text citations, quotation marks, and references to ensure proper acknowledgment is given to any external source(s) used in the creation of academic material.
  2. Since academic integrity concerns come in many forms (i.e. plagiarism, cheating, purchasing of work, lack of original content, etc.), a specific similarity percentage (%) rendered by the TurnitIn® tool does not necessarily result in the same outcomes for all content. Each student assignment should be thoroughly reviewed no matter the score provided by TurnitIn® in order for the faculty to determine the most appropriate action (see Academic Integrity Policy).

Note: Exclusive use of the similarity score % as criteria for identifying possible violations of academic integrity is prohibited. All students are to be assessed based on the content and contextual use of sources.