University Integrity Statement

We at Colorado Technical University (CTU) are committed to acting with integrity in everything we do. Integrity at CTU is both an individual and collaborative accountability shared by our global community of students, faculty, and staff. We demonstrate integrity with:

  • Fairness - Ensuring similar situations yield similar results. We also understand that being fair does not always mean treating everyone equally.
  • Honesty - Truthful communication and actions.
  • Respect - Inherent dignity and value of all members of the CTU community and their diverse perspectives. We treat everyone with courtesy and consideration for not only each other, but also each other’s ideas.
  • Accountability- Doing the right thing. We take ownership of our actions.
  • Trust - Setting clear expectations and ensuring policy guides decisions. We build trust when we are consistent in what we say and what we do.
  • Courage - Taking action.  Converting the values from text into visible outcomes.  (Center for Academic Integrity, 2014)

Integrity at Colorado Technical University is not simply a word. It is our foundation for success as a professional and global community of lifelong learners.