Early College Partnership Continuation Grant (Physical Campus Students)

Colorado Technical University has established the Early College Partnership Continuation Grant to recognize students who have successfully completed a minimum of four CTU concurrent enrollment courses, with “C” or better grade, while enrolled at a participating concurrent enrollment high school. Students who qualify will receive a 20% tuition grant to be applied to one CTU undergraduate degree. The applicant must satisfy the following criteria and requirements to be considered:

  • Grant is used exclusively toward academic program charges, including, but not limited to tuition, fees, and book, and will be applied against outstanding, current or future charges at the University's discretion.
  • Student must be in attendance during applicable session.
  • Grant may not be combined with any other CTU scholarship or grant.
  • Must meet University guidelines for satisfactory academic.
  • Scholarship will be applied as a credit to the student's account, and no cash payments will be awarded to the student.
  • Student must be in attendance during the applicable session.
  • May not be combined with military benefits.
  • Students who withdraw lose scholarship eligibility and must reapply to be considered.
  • The newly enrolled student must be in good academic standing with CTU.

  • Students must maintain at least a half-time status (minimum of 6 credit hours per 11-week quarter) for three of four quarters each calendar year.
This scholarship is non transferable and non-substitutable. Interested candidates should contact the Financial Aid Department for additional information.