Master of Science in Computer Science - Data Science Concentration

The Master of Science in Computer Science program centers on a set of core courses which are designed to provide the student with an understanding of operating systems and networking, as well as knowledge of computer system architecture and the software system engineering process. The MSCS program is designed for Computer Science professionals seeking to advance their careers in a broad range of computer fields.

Building on the MSCS program core, the concentration courses provide the foundation and focused knowledge for those interested in the Data Science field. Students will be prepared as data science professionals with expertise in analyzing, modeling, visualizing, and managing big data to address various needs of government, industry, and research organizations.

MSCS Program Outcomes: Core
•Apply effective leadership strategies and skills
•Critically evaluate the issues that affect the development and modification of complex software systems
•Conduct a professional, scholarly, applied research report.
•Demonstrate a breadth of knowledge and understanding of the field of computer science
•Select analytical and critical thinking skills for effective decision analysis and problem solving in a specific situation

Outcomes: Concentration
•Apply various statistical, data mining, and other analytic techniques and algorithms to big data to devise solutions and extract meaningful insights
•Select, apply, and evaluate software tools, languages, data models, algorithms, and environments for data processing, analyzing, and visualization
•Identify and assess the various organization needs related to the data science area, and communicate results of analysis to appropriate broad audiences

MSCS Program Competencies:

•Critically evaluate the issues that impact the development and modification of complex software systems
•Apply analytical, critical thinking, and problem solving skills in diverse, appropriate situations
•Construct domain-specific computing or information system solutions
•Identify gaps in the body of knowledge
•Conduct professional, scholarly, applied research

Degree Requirements

Courses- Concentration

CS683Data Warehouse


CS686Fundamentals of Big Data Analytics


CS688Data Analytics with R


CS692Algorithms for Data Science


Elective Any 600 level course


Total Credit Hours:20

Courses: Core

CS627Design and Analysis of Algorithms


CS630Modern Operating Systems


CS635Computer Networking


CS651Computer Systems Security Foundations


CS660Database Systems


CS672Systems Engineering Methods


CS698Computer Science Capstone


Total Credit Hours:28

Total Credit Hours: 48

Preparatory Requirements

The CTU Master of Science in Computer Science degree program is designed to provide technical depth in computer science and in the three concentration areas—software engineering, security and database management systems. In order to achieve this depth a solid foundation in mathematics, computer science, and the student’s concentration area is required. In addition, the student must have an intermediate level of ability to program in a current object-oriented programming language such as C++ or Java, such as is provided by CS215 or IT215. Students who have the required background but need to refresh their mathematics skills are highly encouraged to take MATH501. Students who have the required background but need to refresh some of their computer science skills are highly encouraged to take CS500.


  • Virtual Campus

Area of Study

  • Engineering & Computer Science