Doctor of Management - Healthcare Management and Leadership Concentration

The Doctor of Management (DM) at Colorado Technical University is the terminal degree for management professionals. The program prepares students to think and act strategically and enhance their abilities to make positive contributions in their chosen area of management expertise.

The Doctor of Management with a concentration in Healthcare Management and Leadership (DM-HCML) is designed to encourage the professional development of healthcare managers through mentoring, action research, and practical projects, enabling them to make key leadership.

The concentration in Healthcare Management and Leadership provides the student with in depth knowledge of management theories and the background to successfully participate in healthcare organizations. Studies include concepts of culture, values, and ethics, which differ among all peoples. The students develop an understanding of the moral dilemmas, choices, and challenges faced by healthcare leaders. Their knowledge expands to an understanding and enhancement of their own leadership characteristics and those of other successful organizational staff. Strategic designs are reviewed to ensure organization structures are understood. In addition, they need to develop change plans with consideration for implementation.

Students gain an understanding in health policy and regulations, healthcare economics and finance, healthcare informatics, and continuous improvements in healthcare systems.

Outcomes: Core

  • Demonstrate fluency with the body of knowledge and demonstrate ability to of apply relevant knowledge to their chosen field, supplemented by a broad integrative understanding of complementary disciplines
  • Utilize analytical and critical thinking proficiencies as a means of synthesizing, evaluating, and integrating concepts and knowledge for effective decision analysis, and solution generation, in the context of their managerial interests and responsibilities
  • Apply effective theories, models, skills, and competencies in the context of their interests and responsibilities within a multicultural society
  • Contribute to the body of knowledge through research, scholarly writing and dissemination of research

The Healthcare Management and Leadership Concentration prepares the student to become:

  • An academic or administrative leader in the healthcare industry
  • A strategic visionary to navigate the progressive healthcare organization
  • A consultant for the improvement of healthcare systems

Degree Requirements

Courses: Core

MGMT802Management Theory


MGMT808Management and Ethics


MGMT818Leadership Theory and Development


MGMT822Application of Action Research


MGMT824Strategic Thinking and Organizational Alignment


MGMT828Practice and Theory of Consulting and Intervention


MGMT832Organization Innovation and Scenario Thinking


RES804Principles of Research Methods and Design


RES812Qualitative Research Methods


RES814Quantitative Research Methods


RES860Doctoral Research I: Principles of Research and Writing


RES861Doctoral Research II: Annotated Bibliography


RES862Dissertation Research Process


RES863Doctoral Research III: Dissertation Literature Review


RES864Doctoral Research IV: Dissertation Methods


RES865Doctoral Research V: Dissertation Introduction


RES866Doctoral Research VI: Dissertation Findings


RES867Doctoral Research VII: Dissertation Discussion and Conclusion


RES868Doctoral Research VIII: Dissertation Conclusion


Total Credit Hours:76

Courses: Concentration

HCML870Health Policy and Regulations


HCML872Economics and Financing of Healthcare Organizations


HCML874Continuous Improvement for Systems in Healthcare


HCML876Informatics in Healthcare


MGMT878Advanced Career Strategies for the Scholar-Practitioner


Total Credit Hours:20

Total Credit Hours: 96


The Doctor of Management (DM) at Colorado Technical University is the terminal degree for management professionals. The program prepares students to think and act strategically and enhance their abilities to make positive contributions in their chosen area of management expertise. The program emphasizes three sets of competencies: (1) Research and Writing; (2) Leadership and Change Management; and (3) the specific Concentration discipline.

The program thus includes ten core instructional courses, five concentration instructional courses, plus nine doctoral research courses. Each class is conducted online.

In addition, graduation requires the approval of a dissertation which documents the student’s research processes and presents the findings and conclusions of that research, and suggests future research. The dissertation is divided into two major segments: the proposal and the full dissertation. The proposal will be developed by the student, and then submitted by the mentor to the University Review Board.  The research will then be conducted and written up, resulting in the full dissertation, which is then reviewed by a committee. These processes are conducted under the supervision of CTU’s professors.

Graduation Requirements

In addition to the successful completion of the above 96 credit hours with an acceptable GPA, students must also satisfactorily complete and defend their research with a dissertation.


Doctoral programs at Colorado Technical University require a residential symposium. Additional information about CTU's doctoral symposium can be located in the Doctoral Symposium section of this catalog.

Degree Completion and Post-Doctoral Study

The student must be continuously enrolled until meeting all graduation requirements. A student who has not completed the research requirements by the end of the formal coursework continues by registering for RES893 Dissertation Research Continuation according to CTU’s re-take policy.

CTU offers a Post-Doctoral Certificate for applicants with a terminal degree from a regionally accredited program. This program offers accelerated applications of management theories and research design methods. Students must demonstrate advanced knowledge in a field of study through research and scholarship. Each candidate will be appointed a distinguished mentor at the beginning of their program to supervise research and guide scholarly goals. Candidates will be required to publish their research in a CTU approved peer reviewed journal.

To receive a Post-Doctoral Certificate students must successfully complete the five concentration courses offered in their selected program of study. Students are required to produce and publish the results of their postdoctoral research in a CTU approved peer reviewed journal. Due to the temporary nature of postdoctoral programs, candidates must complete the program within a maximum of three years (extension may be granted by the Provost or Vice Provost). Candidates are required to be continuously enrolled in RES893 until their research publication is accepted by a CTU approved peer reviewed journal.

The Doctoral Advantage

While a relevant master’s degree is ordinarily required for admission to CTU doctoral programs, there is also the option of completing a CTU MBA or MSM while starting work on the Doctor of Management. The program outcomes remain the same for the DM and the MBA or MSM under this option, but the normal completion time for the degrees in the combined program is reduced. Through this program, doctoral work is started after completing ten of the twelve required master’s courses. Program plans must be approved by the Provost, Vice Provost, Dean or Director for Graduate Programs. In no case will a master’s concentration be awarded unless all of the concentration courses (with the exception of a capstone course) have been completed.

The MBA or MSM degree will be awarded upon successful completion of the ten approved master’s courses plus two approved DM courses.



  • Aurora (Denver Area)
  • Virtual Campus

Area of Study

  • Business & Management
  • Healthcare