Multiple Concentrations

If more than one concentration option exists within a specific degree program, there is potential to earn Multiple Concentrations if requirements are met. Multiple Concentration options are dependent on program eligibility. With Multiple Concentrations, the first concentration and its required courses are included in the initial degree program choice. The required number of credit hours and corresponding tuition costs for additional concentration(s) vary by program, when eligible. Additionally, it is not permitted to apply academic credit from courses in an initial concentration within a degree program towards subsequent concentrations. Students must also notify the University prior to the last quarter before graduation of their intention to pursue an additional concentration(s).

Please refer to the Degree Program section of the course catalog for the additional courses required to complete each concentration. If courses between concentrations overlap, students must gain approval to substitute common courses in order to have distinct content within each concentration selected. Please note that additional concentration(s) must be within the same discipline of study.

Students Enrolled in the Master’s Advantage™ and Doctoral Advantage programs are not eligible for the Multiple Concentrations option. Students interested in Multiple Concentration options should contact the appropriate Dean or Program Chair to determine program eligibility.