Master’s Advantage™

Students enrolled in a bachelor’s program through Colorado Technical University will have the option to enter the Master’s Advantage™ Program which will allow them to substitute two graduate courses for two undergraduate courses.

Students enrolling in the Master’s Advantage™ program must choose this option at the time of their enrollment in a bachelor’s program and select the graduate program they wish to pursue.

To qualify, students must have a CGPA of 3.0 or better prior to entering their final quarter or will be subject to a program change.

Student progress will be monitored by Prior Learning Assessment Specialist to ensure that the student meets the requirement to continue on with the Master’s Advantage™ program.

Students enrolled in the Master’s Advantage™ program are not eligible for the Multiple Concentrations option.

Students interested in the Master’s Advantage™ program should contact the appropriate Dean or Program Chair to determine program eligibility.