Lifelong Learning Grant

The purpose of the Lifelong Learning Grant is to recognize Colorado Technical University alumni who have achieved degree completion and intend to pursue their next level graduate or doctoral degree. Colorado Technical University alumni meeting these criteria will be eligible for a grant of $2000. Alumni enrolled in a graduate program and wish to pursue an additional full graduate degree with the University will be eligible for a grant of $500. This grant also applies to American InterContinental University (AIU) master’s graduates who are enrolling into a CTU Doctoral program. The grant award will be applied to outstanding current, past, or future charges at the University’s discretion. 

The conditions are as follows:

  • Effective for students beginning their Baccalaureate or Graduate Degree program on or after the February 13, 2011 session
  • The Lifelong Learning Grant is used exclusively toward program charges.
  • The grant is awarded proportionately over each session in the program.
  • Students must attend the qualifying session prior to the grant being awarded.
  • Candidates must apply and be accepted for admission to be eligible to receive the grant.
  • All grants are applied as a credit to the student’s account, and no cash payments will be awarded to the student.
  • The grant cannot be combined with any other institutional grant. The grant with the greatest benefit will be awarded to the student.
  • Students enrolled at the graduate or doctoral military tuition rate are not eligible for the Lifelong Learning Grant.

The grant is non-transferable and non-substitutable. No portion is refundable.  Interested candidates should contact the Financial Aid Department for additional information.