Master of Science in Criminal Justice - Homeland Security Concentration

The MSCJ-HLS degree is designed to serve as a concentration option for students in the criminal justice discipline that are focused on careers/missions within the homeland security realm. The curriculum serves as strong preparation for students and professionals interested in criminal justice roles that align or interact with homeland security functions and organizations.

The roles of criminal justice agencies and professionals as they relate to homeland security are ever evolving. This program is designed specifically to develop the homeland security knowledge base and skills essential to those who will become the leaders in policy development, planning and decision making in the criminal justice system. The Master of Science in Criminal Justice reflects the balance needed for leadership, along with the information base necessary to enhance responsible policy-making.


  • Work in a leadership role in a criminal justice environment, with a focus on homeland security
  • Possess the knowledge and skills to be a competitive candidate to secure a leadership position in a criminal justice organization with a focus on homeland security
  • Abide by the professional and ethical standards established by criminal justice and homeland security agencies
  • Possess the knowledge and skills to fulfill the policymaking responsibilities of a leader in a criminal justice organization with a focus on homeland security

Degree Requirements

Courses: Core

INTD670Leadership and Ethical Decision-Making


MGMT605Graduate Research Methods


CJUS600Advanced Review of Criminal Justice


CJUS615Criminology and Public Policy


CJUS625Issues of Diversity in Criminal Justice


CJUS650Terrorism and Homeland Security Management


CJUS675Special Topics in Criminal Justice


Total Credit Hours:28

Courses: Concentration

HLS620Technology Solutions for HLS


HLS630Organizational and Policy Challenges


HLS640Vulnerability Analysis and Protection


HLS650Homeland Security and Government


CJUS687MSCJ-Homeland Security Concentration Capstone


Total Credit Hours:20

Total Credit Hours: 48

Preparatory Requirements

The CTU Master of Science in Criminal Justice degree program is designed with an in-depth focus in the area of policy. Students from a non-criminal justice undergraduate background are required to successfully complete CJUS500 prior to taking CJUS600. Students who possess this background but need to refresh their knowledge of criminal justice concepts are encouraged to take CJUS500. This course is focused on giving students sufficient background on basic criminal justice concepts and terms common to the profession.


  • Colorado Springs
  • Aurora (Denver Area)
  • Virtual Campus

Area of Study

  • Security Studies & Criminal Justice