Transfer of College Credit

In certain degree programs, transfer credit may be awarded at Colorado Technical University for applicable credits earned from any United States institution accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education. Students transferring to Colorado Technical University under established articulation agreements may transfer in a maximum of 75% of the required program credits in associate’s or bachelor’s degree programs. In addition, Colorado Technical University will review transcripts from international institutions. This is required for all transcripts, including transcripts from international postsecondary institutions. 

To facilitate appropriate course scheduling, students are encouraged to submit official transcripts within 30 days of the applicable start date in order to allow time for possible modifications to the course schedule.

Specific requirements for the evaluation and award of transfer credit include but are not limited to:

  1. Official college and military transcripts are evaluated on a course-by-course basis.

    Any students starting on or after July 8, 2012 will no longer be eligible for associate degree block transfers into CTU Bachelor programs. Exceptions are the Bachelor of Science in Management and Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs. Please see the Degree Programs section of the catalog to review the admission requirements for those specific programs.

  2. Only courses with a C or better (undergraduate), or B or better (graduate), or B (Doctoral) or better will be eligible for transfer credit.
  3. Only college level, post-secondary, degree applicable courses will be eligible for transfer credit.
  4. Duplication of course transfer is not permitted in any degree program.
  5. Once students are in the last session of their degree program, no advanced standing credit will be awarded.
  6. Transfer credit must be applied one session before a student’s course is scheduled in order to exempt the student from taking the course.
  7. Comparable course-to-course transfer may be accepted from accredited institutions based on comparable outcomes in lieu of credit requirements.
  8. Transfer credit may not be applied for specific courses found in programs with programmatic accreditation or affiliation.
  9. Transfer credit may be permitted at the graduate level upon the discretion of the Academic Affairs and Prior Learning Assessment Departments. Any exceptions allowed must be justified and approved by an appropriate senior academic official.
  10. Transfer credit for the doctoral program may be applied to the program at the discretion of the appropriate senior academic official.

The University understands that it may take significant time to receive transcripts requested from other colleges and universities. Students enrolled in master's degree programs that do not have their official baccalaureate transcripts on file by the end of the first session will be administratively withdrawn from the University at the end of the first session. Students who begin an undergraduate degree program pending the receipt of an official college or university transcript(s) have until the end of the first quarter or the student may be prohibited from further attendance in his/her degree program, which in turn could result in a grade level change.

Master’s degree-seeking students admitted without an official baccalaureate transcript on file will be admitted as a non-regular student and will be financially responsible for all associated costs of attending the University. Financial aid funds cannot be disbursed until this required admissions document has been received by the Registrar’s Office.

Transfer of Credit to Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University supports the philosophy that related courses, demonstrated proficiencies, and professional experience knowledge may be used to satisfy some course credit requirements. Credit granted for past experience, training, certification, and testing may reduce the time required to earn a degree. Transfer credit will be accepted upon evaluation and at the discretion of Colorado Technical University in all cases.

The maximum amount of transfer credit that can be used towards any Colorado Technical University degree program is capped by the Residency Requirement of the University. The Residency Requirement states:

  1. A student must complete a minimum of 25% of the total credit hours for an undergraduate degree program at Colorado Technical University.
  2. A student must complete a minimum of 50% of the total credits hours for a graduate degree program at Colorado Technical University. Doctoral programs are not included with these credit requirements. Check with the CTU Graduate Programs for residency requirements.
  3. All Colorado Technical University doctoral requirements must be completed in residence at the University. Check with the CTU Graduate Programs for exceptions.