Standard Period of Non-Enrollment (SPN)

A CTU student electing to take a session off may apply for a Standard Period of Non-Enrollment (SPN) without formally withdrawing from the University. The student must initiate the request and sign a Confirmation to Return form prior to the first day of the session that the student will be taking off.  Prior to the end of the SPN period, a student attending a physical campus must register for classes for the subsequent session, or be automatically withdrawn from the University. Students that are enrolled at CTU’s Virtual Campus must return in the session following the SPN or be automatically withdrawn. Additionally, a student attending a physical campus may also elect to take the summer quarter off by following the same process.

An international student attending CTU on a F-1 Visa may request a quarter off SPN to take their SEVIS approved annual break.  A completed Confirmation to Return form and approval from the campus PDSO/DSO is required.