Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate students must:

  • Have earned a minimum of a 2.0 CGPA for undergraduate degree programs, 3.0 for graduate degree programs, or 3.3 CGPA for doctorate programs
  • Doctoral students must complete all deliverables
  • Have successfully completed all required credits within the maximum allowable time frame in which to complete the degree program
  • Be enrolled at the time of graduation
  • Meet the residency requirement

Students are encouraged to contact their Academic/Student Advisor at least two quarters prior to scheduled graduation to ensure that all graduation requirements will be met.

Students must be current on all financial obligations in order to receive their final transcript.

Graduation Fee

Undergraduate (Associate and Bachelor’s)                          $150

Graduate (Master’s and Doctoral)                                      $200

A non-refundable graduation fee will be charged to the student’s account during their final term. The graduation fee covers one diploma and diploma cover, two official university transcripts, honor cord (if applicable), regalia (if the graduate is attending a ground graduation ceremony), and costs related to the production of the annual ground graduation ceremony. In order to participate in a ground graduation ceremony, each eligible student must complete the entire registration process by the published deadline. Students who do not register by the deadline and receive a registration confirmation from the university will forfeit the opportunity to receive regalia and participate in a ground graduation ceremony. Regardless of ceremony participation, all graduates will receive their diploma kit at their home address approximately 6-8 weeks following their final term (provided all financial and academic obligations are met). Students receiving the military tuition rate are exempt from the graduation fee.

Standard Fees

Due to the non-refundable nature of these fees, students are encouraged to fully understand the fees and discuss any questions with their advisor.

Graduating Under Earlier Catalogs

Any student may graduate under the graduation requirements in effect at the time of graduation. The institution policy on use of earlier graduation requirements also provides that if fewer than ten years have elapsed since a student's admission into the program, she or he may choose to graduate under the program requirements in effect at the time of admission, or under any subsequent requirements.