International Student Grant

CTU has established a grant in order to assist eligible international students with the opportunity to attend CTU.  International students, who do not qualify as an “eligible non-citizen” for FSA Title IV purposes, must establish their ability to meet their financial obligations to the University by making the first quarter payment prior to beginning the program.  Any international student, who has not made their first quarter payment, will not be eligible to attend the University. If enrollment is canceled due to the failure to make the first quarter payment, he or she will not receive credit for any academic work submitted or grades earned prior to the cancellation.

International Student Grant Amounts:

Payment of first quarter tuition before program starts


Payment of entire program tuition before program starts

20% discount

 *International students enrolled in a decelerated program will be awarded a maximum upfront International Student Grant in the amount of $1,000.  The remainder of the grant ($1,000) will be awarded evenly throughout the entire program by session.

For more information, see CTU General Grant and Scholarship Conditions.