Wounded Warrior Scholarship

In 2008, Colorado Technical University created the Wounded Warrior Scholarship in collaboration with the Yellow Ribbon Fund, Inc. to help give back to those service members whose lives have been altered due to injury while serving in the United States Armed Forces. For many Wounded Warriors, the impact of their service reaches farther than the service member alone. Accordingly, this scholarship annually provides full tuition coverage for a full degree program to fifty eligible wounded service members, their spouses, non-medical attendant or dependent.

This scholarship covers full tuition for a single degree program, a laptop, text books, and fees as outlined in the Wounded Warrior Scholarship Terms & Conditions. However, recipients choosing to borrow more than $2,000.00 in federal and/or state student loans per academic year will reduce their eligibility for the full-tuition scholarship dollar for dollar. The scholarship can be combined with the reduced military tuition rate.

For further information visit https://www.coloradotech.edu/military/wounded-warrior-scholarship or contact woundedwarriors@coloradotech.edu.

In addition to the CTU General Grant and Scholarship Conditions, candidates must also meet the follow criteria:

1. Candidates must be a service member/ veteran of the United States Armed Forces having received medical treatment due to injury received as a result of service (or spouse/non medical attendant or dependent of).

2. Candidates must not have previously received the Wounded Warrior Scholarship twice.

3. Candidates who have previously lost scholarship eligibility, been withdrawn or academically dismissed from Wounded Warrior Scholarship program are not eligible to reapply.