Doctoral Referral Grant

The purpose of the Doctoral Referral Grant is to provide currently active CTU doctoral students the opportunity to refer new* students to the doctoral program.  The Doctoral Referral Grant offers a grant amount of $1,000 to qualified students.  The grant will be awarded in accordance with required federal and institutional financial aid policy and procedures.

The eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • Candidates must be current CTU students in a doctoral program
  • Candidates must have referred another individual for the doctoral program prior to the beginning of their last academic term
  • Referred individual must self-identify and complete doctoral referral grant attestation form during the enrollment process
  • Referred individual must apply and be accepted for admission in the doctoral program and have attended the first required symposium
  • The grant is awarded to eligible candidates in the term following the completed symposium of the referred student
  • Students are only eligible for one Doctoral Referral Grant


In order to receive grant funds all eligibility requirements must be met and candidate must not have graduated, been withdrawn, or dismissed from the doctoral program.


Interested candidates should contact the Admissions Department for additional information.

*New students must not have previously attended a CTU doctoral program.

Grant proceeds from this grant may be combined with other grant sources. For more information, see CTU General Grant and Scholarship Conditions.