Military Dependents Grant (Physical Campus Students)

(Applicable to Non-Post-9/11 Chapter 33 GI Bill® recipients)

Colorado Technical University has established a grant for all child dependents of U.S. Armed Forces (Active duty, Reserve, and National Guard) to assist in providing the opportunity to attend a degree program of study at Colorado Technical University. This grant covers 40% of tuition, books and fee. To be eligible for the Military Dependents Grant, a candidate must complete the University Grant Application and allow for the verification of his or her current dependent military status. In addition to the CTU General Scholarship and Grant Conditions, applicants must satisfy the following criteria to be considered for the Military Dependents Grant:

  • Qualifying students are child dependents of U.S. Military service members as defined by DoD and allow for verification of their current military dependent status.
  • Military dependent status may be verified periodically.
  • New students and students selected for verification must provide documentation before the grant is applied.  Examples of acceptable documentation may include:
  1. Valid and current dependent Military ID.

  2. Print out of sponsor’s DEERS Self-Service Overview page showing the sponsor’s and dependent’s eligibility along with the date printed available at