Master of Science in Computer Engineering

The Master of Science in Computer Engineering is a 48-credit-hour program offered online and at our Colorado Springs campus. The program has been designed to cover research, design, development, and testing of computer hardware and software, along with the project management and leadership skills to prepare for increased responsibility in the engineering field.

The Master of Science in Computer Engineering program is designed to enable students to build on their engineering knowledge and develop an in-depth understanding of modern computer design for emerging and evolving electrical engineering technologies. Students have an opportunity to be involved in advanced design projects, including computer architectures, advanced CMOS technology, information system security techniques, and lifecycle design of software systems. They are encouraged to apply their knowledge and skills to course projects based on industry trends, and develop project management and leadership skills.

Program Requirements
Admissions Requirements

The CTU Master of Science in Computer Engineering degree program is designed to provide technical depth in engineering topics that require a solid foundation in advanced mathematics (including calculus, differential equations and linear algebra), engineering and physics. Students from a non-engineering undergraduate background will not be considered for this degree program at this time.

Mission Statement
The mission of the College of Engineering is to develop team-oriented engineering professionals from diverse backgrounds who are prepared to ethically apply industry-relevant, real-world skills to achieve value-added solutions in a dynamic world.

Master of Science in Computer Engineering Outcomes

• Design advanced computer architectures
• Use advanced techniques for life-cycle design of software systems
• Use modern information system security techniques
• Design advanced CMOS circuitry
• Effectively use project management techniques

Degree Requirements

Courses: Core

CE605Modern Computer Architecture


CE660Modern Computer Design


CE690Computer Engineering Capstone


CS651Computer Systems Security Foundations


CS671Software Systems Engineering Process


EE600Modern Solid State Devices


EE660Modern Electronic Design


INTD670Leadership and Ethical Decision-Making


SE600Systems Engineering I


SE610Systems Engineering II


Total Credit Hours:40

Courses: Electives

CS Elective Select one CS 600-level course


EE ElectiveSelect one EE 600-level course


Total Credit Hours:8

Total Credit Hours: 48


  • Colorado Springs
  • Virtual Campus