Course Delivery Methods

At Colorado Technical University students who are enrolled through a ground campus may have the option of taking courses in three modalities, or delivery methods. The options available are: face-to-face, blended and fully online, and are further defined below. Please note that not all courses will be available in all delivery methods each session. Check with your student or academic advisor regarding course availability.

  1. Face-to-Face: A course taught in the face-to-face delivery method meets 100% in the classroom. Students in a face-to-face course will be required to attend classes at a specified time at the campus where the course is being taught. All attendance is recorded by the instructor, and assignments are turned in directly to the instructor, as well. This is the traditional, classroom-based course modality.
  2. Blended: Blended courses combine the face-to-face and online delivery methods. Students in a blended course will be required to attend classes at a specified time at the campus where the course is being taught. Students will also be required to participate in the course via CTU’s student portal and online classroom by interacting with other students and the instructor via Discussion Boards. It may also be required that students submit individual assignments through the online classroom.
  3. Fully Online: A fully online course is delivered 100% online via CTU’s Virtual Campus. Students in a fully online course should expect to interact with their classmates and instructor virtually through Discussion Boards, Live Chats and email. A fully online course never meets face-to-face.

Virtual Campus and Fully Online Courses:

All students who are enrolled through one of CTU’s ground campuses should expect to take a portion of their classes through the Virtual Campus. Virtual Campus resources and tools are offered, including an online Virtual Campus open house/orientation, and support contacts throughout the university.

Students wishing to take a CTU fully online course should be aware:

  • Attendance in a fully online course is automatically recorded and tracked by the Virtual Campus system. A student’s attendance will only be recorded and updated when that student completes one of the following activities:
  • Creating a new Discussion Board or replying to an already created Discussion Board within their classroom.
  • Submitting an individual project/assignment.
  • Completing and submitting a Knowledge Check. Not all courses use Knowledge Checks and students should not rely on completing these to update their attendance.
  • Students in a fully online course are held to the standards and policies that govern fully online courses.
  • All assignments in a fully online course must be submitted via the Virtual Classroom.
  • Most fully online courses are 5.5 weeks in duration.
  • Not all fully online courses are available in all sessions.