Incomplete Policy

To receive an Incomplete (I) grade, the student must petition the course Faculty member in writing.  The period to request an Incomplete grade begins on the first day of the final week and must be submitted three days before the course end date. 


At the time of the petition, the Faculty member must determine:

       If the student’s completed work equates to a passing grade according to the course level grading scale;

       If requested incomplete assignments, with the inclusion of any other missing assignments, would allow student to earn a passing grade;


Late assignment penalties will still apply during the incomplete period for any late work turned in past the previously agreed due date between the student and Faculty member. 


The Faculty member must approve or deny the petition within three business days of receiving the student’s request, but no later than the last day of class. 


Should a student fail to submit the unfulfilled coursework requirements within seven (7) calendar days from the end of the course, the Incomplete grade will convert to the final grade the student earned in the class, inclusive of “0” points for the incomplete work.


In the case of natural disasters or other situations, the Vice Provost, Vice President of Academic Operations, or Provost can approve an (INC) incomplete.  An (INC) designation is an administrative use only indicator to notate an incomplete course grade outside of the institution’s (I) incomplete policy.