Homeland Security Grant

The purpose of the Homeland Security Grant is to recognize Colorado Technical University applicants who have been recognized as a current or future expert in the field of Homeland Security. Students enrolled in the Master of Science in Homeland Security will be eligible for a one-time grant in the amount of $5,000.

The conditions are as follows:

  • Candidates must apply and be accepted for admission to be eligible to receive the grant.
  • As a part of the application process, student’s will be expected to:
    • Provide a letter of recommendation from their employer supporting his/her expertise in the Homeland Security field
    • Submit a minimum 500-word essay on how they intend to use the skills learned at Colorado Technical University to benefit others and society
  • The Homeland Security Grant is used exclusively toward current, past, or future program charges.
  • The grant is awarded proportionately over each session of the student’s academic year.
  • All grants are applied as a credit to the student’s account, and no cash payments will be awarded to the student.
  • The Homeland Security Grant cannot be combined with any other institutional grant.
  • Students enrolled at the graduate military tuition rate are not eligible for the Homeland Security Grant.
  • Students must be willing to sign disclosures for the University to use their name as an advocate for the Master of Science in Homeland Security program. Those obligations can be any of the following but not limited to:
    • Writing of whitepapers on the topic of Homeland Security.
    • Willingness to share their experiences through CTU marketing site, CTU Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter feeds.
    • Be recorded via video to advocate their experience and how they can apply their knowledge to benefit others and society.

The grant is non-transferable and non-substitutable. No portion is refundable. Interested candidates should contact the Financial Aid Department for additional information.