ENGL101 Composition and Critical Thinking

This course addresses how to write to make a point; how to use good grammar, vocabulary and logical thinking; as well as how to find a suitable topic for writing assignments. The course begins with an introduction of the writing process and gives students the opportunity to practice writing in different modes. Students learn to develop their grammar and writing concepts to enable them to write effectively both in academic and professional contexts. . This workshop course is highly experiential, supportive, and collaborative, as students read and critique each other’s' work. 


This is the first in a sequence on Composition and Writing skills. Our view of the required composition sequence is that it is essential for all who want to become skilled critical thinkers and educated people. In both Composition courses, Research Skills/ Information Literacy workshops will introduce students to the critical 21st century skill of research: how to use dictionaries and other reference books and how to access online databases of the CTU library for academic and professional inquiry.






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