Specialized Admission and Graduation Requirements

College of Criminal Justice

Students may be required to complete a criminal background check in order to participate or attend class activities at certain sites. Students may also be required to complete a background investigation or check to qualify for some types of Internships. A criminal record may disqualify the student from certain class activities, internships, or career choices.

College of Health Sciences

Health Science Programs often find students experiencing financial, time and personal constraints while participating in their respective program. For example, clinical/externship experiences may need to be completed based on the location and needs of the hospital or clinical site. Students will be required to purchase textbooks, uniforms, and equipment necessary for the specific program. Graduation from health science programs does not guarantee licensure/certification in the specific profession. Graduates should qualify to apply to take the appropriate licensure/certification exam.

Health Standards

Administrative personnel at clinical agencies and in the all the health science programs believe that health science students and the public with whom they come in contact must be protected against communicable diseases and unsafe practice. Each health science student must assume responsibility for meeting the health and safety requirements.

  • Students must submit a completed immunization and vaccination policy form.
  • An annual TB skin test must be documented. In the event the TB (Mantoux) test is positive, a negative chest x-ray must be documented.
  • Healthcare facilities may require that health science students have a drug screening test completed prior to attending clinical experiences. In addition, students may not be allowed to participate in clinical experiences if they test positive for illegal drugs or prescription drugs without physician authorization. Moreover, positive drug tests may prevent the health science graduate from taking certain national certification or licensing exams. Finally, healthcare facilities may not hire students or graduates who have a record of illegal drug use or abnormal drug tests.
  • Students are required to have a complete physical exam prior to participation in clinical/externship experiences.
  • For more information, please contact your Admission Advisor to determine specific requirements for your degree program.

Admission requirements for Health Programs

For Admission requirements, please contact your Admission Advisor or Program Chair for specific requirements for your degree program.

Graduation requirements for ASHAS Program

In order to graduate, a student must have earned a minimum of a 2.0 CGPA and must have successfully completed all required credits within the maximum credits that may be attempted. Students must also be current on all financial obligations in order to receive official final transcripts.

Enrollments Prior to August 2012:

Students enrolled prior to August 2012 (1203B session) must have also successfully completed the 60-hour professional learning experience (PLE) requirement to graduate. Detailed information for the PLE can be obtained from the PLE Team and also from the UNIV202 course.

Additional Health Science Policies

Health Sciences programs may have additional and/or stricter policies related to their respective programs. Students are referred to the program handbook and/or Program Chair for guidance on additional and/or stricter policies.