Undergraduate Credit by Course Challenge for Physical Campuses

Credit may be earned on the basis of special challenge examinations and/ or projects when students show exceptional background in a particular academic area. In order to challenge a particular course, students must not have previously enrolled in the course and all prerequisites for the course must be met. The maximum amount of credit accepted through course challenge toward graduation is 16 quarter credit hours for an associate’s degree and 32 quarter credit hours for a bachelor’s degree. Credit earned through course challenge may not be used to satisfy residency requirements. The following actions must be taken by the student to apply for course challenge credit.

  • Schedule an appointment with the Dean/Chair or designee of the department that offers the particular course for which course challenge credit is sought. The Dean/Chair or designee will discuss the particular course with the student in more detail and then make an appointment for the student with an appropriate faculty member who will administer the course challenge. The Dean/Chair or designee will also help the student fill out the course challenge request form.
  • Meet with the faculty member sponsoring the course challenge to determine the specific requirements to be satisfied.
  • A non-refundable fee may be required for each requested course prior to final approval (see Tuition and Fees schedule at each campus).
  • Meet all requirements for the challenge within one academic quarter. At the conclusion of the course challenge, a PR (Proficiency) grade will be awarded by the faculty member if the student successfully completes the challenge with a score of 80%.